Disabling TouchID/FaceID for Security

You can quickly disable TouchID or FaceID to make sure that a Passcode is required to unlock your phone. This is useful when you're concerned that someone may force you to use your finger of face to unlock the phone.

Disabling TouchID or FaceID

In terms of security, it is theoretically and legally easier for someone to force you to unlock with FaceID or TouchID, so you can disable TouchID or FaceID, using the following methods:

On iPhone 8 or iPhone X:

  • Press and hold the Power button and either Volume button


  • Press the Power button 5 times in rapid succession

On iPhone 7 or earlier:

  • Click power button 5 times in rapid succession

Either of these puts the phone in Emergency SOS Mode, where you can call for help, but more importantly it will need a passcode before unlocking.

  • Cancel Emergency SOS Mode if you don't need it, clicking the Cancel button
  • The phone will now require a Passcode to be unlocked